Programm Komitee

Programm Komitee

Programm Komitee

Kai-Helge Dieken, Volkswagen AG
Head of VDA working group 13








Alec Dorling, Volvo Group
Global Embedded SW Process Owner, Convener ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 WG10







Jürgen Etzkorn, BMW Group
Process Manager “Process Chain Electrics/Electronics”, Speaker of HIS AK Assessment






Stefan Kriso, Robert Bosch GmbH
Center of Competence „Functional Safety“, Member of German National Body on ISO 26262







Joseph Miller, TRW Automotive
Chief Engineer of Systems Safety, Chairman US Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC22/SG3/WG16







Markus Müller, Kugler Maag CIE
Director Operations, Member of intacs™ advisory board







Hans-Leo Ross, Continental AG
Principal Technical Expert “FS-Management", Head of German National Body on ISO 26262







David Ward, MIRA Ltd
Head of Functional Safety, Head of UK National Body on ISO 26262







Jörg Zimmer, Daimler AG