Partners and Links

Partners and Links

Our Automotive SPICE® courses are offered in cooperation with our training partners:

I.S.C.N. Austria
Schieszstattgasse 4/24
A-8010 Graz, AUSTRIA



Kugler Maag CIE GmbH
Leibnizstr. 11
D-70806 Kornwestheim, GERMANY



MB-technology GmbH
Kolumbusstrasse 2
D-71063 Sindelfingen, GERMANY



method Park Software AG
Wetterkreuz 19a
D-91058 Erlangen, GERMANY



Software Quality Systems AG
Stollwerckstr. 11
D-51149 Köln, GERMANY




SynSpace GmbH
Kartäuserstraße 49
D-79102 Freiburg, GERMANY



Business Cube & Partners, Inc
5F Fujikikai Hiroo Bldg.       
1-13-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
TOKYO 150-0012



All courses under the Automotive SPICE® Training Partner Program performed by experienced and certified trainer . An overview of the VDA QMC recognized trainer is  here.


Basic of assessors training is the iNTACS schema:

International Assessor Certification Scheme e.V. (iNTACS)
Breite Str. 2d
D-14467  Potsdam, GERMANY

The Process Reference Model (PRM) and Process Assessment Model (PAM) for Automotive SPICE ® are available for download at:


The work on Automotive SPICE® are made in close cooperation with:

Herstellerinitiative Software (HIS)