Business Terms

Terms and Conditions of Business

1 Scope
By ordering publications or enrolling for seminars or events, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions of business of the VDA-QMC in their respective applicable versions (see VDA-QMC website).
The VDA-QMC does not accept any other conditions from the customer, unless VDA-QMC has given express written consent to these changes.
By exiting a transaction dialog box in the VDA-QMC Webshop, the customer forms a contract. The transaction dialog box is exited by clicking the “Confirm order” button on the website.
Online orders/transactions can be settled via the internet serviced provider (e-commerce organization) PayPal (Europe) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond Upon Thames, TW9 1EJ, U.K. A link to the PayPal website is established when you select “Confirm order”. Payment is then made according to PayPal’s terms of use, which are found on PayPal’s website.
VDA-QMC reserves the right to change the Webshop content without prior notification. VDA-QMC reserves the right to cancel a contract in the case of error, especially in the form of typing, printing and calculation errors on the website.

2 Ordering Publications / Enrolling for Seminars and Events
Placement of orders and enrollment for events should be done via the VDA-QMC Webshop, mail, fax or email wherever possible.
The respective enrollment registration will only be delivered if the information on the application form is correct. We need your correct information to create, for example, admission tickets for events and/or for VDA-QMC participation certificates.
The following information is required:
- Customer/Company name
- Contact person
- Department
- Invoice address
- Shipping address
- Street address (no PO Box!)
- Order number / seminar or event number

3 Prices and Issuing Invoices for Publication Orders
The pricing in the Webshop and/or on order forms are listed in EUR and exclude the associated sales tax. The invoice will be issued in EUR. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of the goods and the invoice. The customer shall pay all transfer fees. For first-time deliveries abroad, we ask you to pay in advance via wire transfer or credit card (MasterCard or VISA).
3a Delivery
Unless otherwise stipulated, the product is delivered ex warehouse to the shipping address entered by the customer. Shipping is handled by a courier service. An express service can be used upon agreement for urgent orders. Delivery time information is nonbinding unless a binding delivery date was arranged. The customer assumes the risk of accidental loss of goods during delivery.
3b Returns
Products may be exchanged or returned to us within two weeks of receipt as long as they were unused and are in good condition. The original invoice as well as a reason for the return must be included.
3c Retention of Title
Goods remain the property of VDA-QMC until the complete payment is received.
3d Warranty
Check the goods for completeness as soon as you receive them. By accepting the goods you confirm the completeness and the sound condition of the goods.
3e Copyright
Publications are delivered exclusively in paper format. Redistribution of the information as a whole or in parts on electronic media, by fax or by other media to third parties is prohibited.

4 Enrolling for Seminars
Some seminars have special prerequisites with regard to professional qualifications and experience. If the required prerequisites are not met, VDA-QMC reserves the right to reject enrollment to a seminar.

4a Prices and Issuing Invoices
The pricing in the Webshop and/or on enrollment forms are listed in EUR and exclude the associated sales tax. You will receive a receipt confirmation immediately after your enrollment form is received. You will generally receive the invoice one to two weeks before the event begins. The invoice is due upon receipt.

4b Cancellations/Changing Reservations
Cancel or change reservations by mail, where possible.
The following scale of fees applies to the cancellation of all seminars:
6 weeks before the event begins:                                  Free of charge
• 4 to 6 weeks before the event begins:          25% of the event price
• 2 to 4 weeks before the event begins:          50% of the event price
• 2 weeks before the event begins:          100% of the event price
The cancellation fees do not apply if a replacement is named.

4c Event Cancellation
If the event cannot take place due to forces beyond our control, we will inform the customers immediately. Fees already paid will be refunded upon cancellation, however, any further claims are excluded as permitted by law.

6 Use of Personal Customer Information
Provided that personal or commercial data is exchanged via the VDA-QMC Webshop during the online ordering process, the customer discloses such information on an expressly voluntary basis. The data will be used exclusively for statistical purposes and to optimize our services, and will not be forwarded to third parties.

7 Escape Clause
The invalidity or insufficiency of one of the terms of this contract does not render the entire contract void. Rather, the parties are obliged to replace this term with a term that enables the commercial intentions of the contract to be permitted legally. The same applies if this contract contains a loophole, which must be closed in order to achieve the objective.

Separate conditions of business apply for the internet portal, the QDX Standard and the VDA-QMC Webdrive. These are illustrated in the respective contracts.